Valentine's Day Do's & Don'ts

Dear Reno,

This Valentine’s Day, we have a few Do’s and Don’ts for you.

DO remember love is for everyone.

You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Show love to all those you care about. Heard of the latest rage "Galentine’s Day"? Perhaps you have a best gal pal, or two, that you’d like to treat. Or maybe you have a sister or coworker who always has your back? And if all those close to you are already feeling the love, consider someone who you may not be close with. Is there someone who needs a little attention? Warm up their February with your heart.


DON'T buy your Valentine the following…

Any item that makes your life easier (i.e. a new router for the family computer). Also steer clear of items that promote your interested but no theirs (i.e. ski passes when they hate the snow). And definitely don’t buy any type of “do-better” gift (i.e. a gym membership or self-help book).

DO consider something other than roses

As gorgeous as roses are, they live a short life once cut and put into a vase. This Valentine’s Day, consider an alternative: an hour of relaxation and resulting beautiful nails. Our February seasonal pedicure, “Pink Champagne,” makes the perfect V-Day gift — we even serve rosé with it! And when you purchase a gift card, we wrap it in a cute tin with chocolate kisses. It’s such a fun, special way to gift an experience.

DON'T head to big box stores if your love loves chocolate.

Not only is our local chocolate SO MUCH BETTER than that commercialized stuff, you can also feel good about supporting local stores. We are big fans of Sugar Love Chocolates and Dorinda’s Chocolates.

DO support local business.

Always go small before you go big. Your local shops and boutiques will work hard to attain your business and will appreciate it much more than those box stores.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Shannon DunlapComment