3 Ways to Gift an Experience


So here we are, another holiday season leaving you scratching your head. “Now what can I buy her?” Believe me. Women don’t need and really don’t want another ‘’kind-of fits” sweater, monogrammed charger for an iPhone, those weird shoes that separate toes, cookware…etc. And clearly there is no interest in hardware tools (including but not limited to that handy tree trimming device, for any type of bush!).

We have stuff. A lot of stuff. In fact, it’s everywhere. Its shoved in our glove boxes in our cars, under our beds, and in our closets. The trending gift this holiday season is an experience, not a future-garage-sale-en-route-to-landfill item.

Think about it. What do you really remember and cherish in your life? Is it all the stuff you have or the moments that were made? This holiday, consider gifting her an experience. Experiences can be great gifts as they are creative, can be done together or alone and don’t fill our already full homes with more stuff. Below are three great ideas for an experience to gift right here in the Biggest Little City.

Tickets to the local theatre or an upcoming music performance make awesome gifts. Pair that with a dinner out on the town and voilá, you have a doubled your gifting power as well as upped your swank status big time. Check the Pioneer Theatre for upcoming shows. Hint: “The King & I” is coming this January and it’s such a fun show!

Find her passions and feed them this holiday. Be thoughtful. Does she love to cook? Don’t get her a roasting pan, get her a lesson with a private chef. Or perhaps a subscription to Blue Apron (which is something you can do together). Does she love to workout? Skip the yoga pants and get her a pass to a local studio (like Rishi Yoga) for sound healing meditation.

Gift Cards
Looking for a more pampering gift? Try a gift card to a local spa. SOAK is a great option as it offers Reno’s only nail spa paired with a cocktail lounge. This is a great place for couples who want to spa, cocktail and chat. Trust me when I say, she probably wants you to get a pedicure. Nails, cocktails, fresh flowers, music and manicures or pedicures together! This is one gift experience she will love and won’t forget.

Experiences, not extra stuff is the ticket this holiday. Gift a memory that will be recalled for years to come. Skip the “stuff.” Go heavy on the sentiment. She will love it. I promise.