How to Catch a Break During Your Kid's Summer Break

Guess what moms?  7 more weeks of summer! I know that feels sticky. On one hand, super high fives to not packing lunches, checking homework, sticking to crazy schedules and long parent meetings. 

On the other hand, if you are like me, you cringe as you watch your son playing his second hour of playstation or your daughter snap chatting like a boss.  When I see my kids doing these things for hours on end, I feel like I have failed the parent test. Wasted summer. Nope not in my house.

Here are some quickies to get out and get going with your kids this summer! Even one or two hours out of the house will put you right back in sync with your parent chakra.

We love This blog for Reno Moms. They have great ideas, advice and are a fun facebook and insta follow. Check them out for ideas.

Grab an ice cream at Simple Ice Cream sandwich shop and take your loves through a stroll in Junkee right next store. The antique side is awesome with all kinds of “ancient artifacts”  to show your phones with cords, record players, VHS tapes, TV’s where you change the channel with a get the drift. Trust me it’s an eye opening experience and the staff at Junkee is sooooo kind. 

Obvi we love the idea of a SOAK for you and your little. Boy or girl, this is the best way to spend an hour or two and get out of the hot sun. SOAK offers little miss (or mr) pedicures as well as diva nail services for teens. Treat your feet while you sit side by side. You can sip a Pink Drink while your pedi partner in crime enjoys a mocktail complete with an umbrella and a treasure chest of nail art to choose from. You SOAK, he SOAK, she SOAK, we all SOAK! Yes to family spa experiences!

Happy summer all! Get out there and enjoy! 

Shannon Dunlap