Feet that scratch Sheets….And how to fix them

Dad’s feet scratching the sheets?  Let’s fix that.

Your sheet thread count can be in the bazzilions but when cracked dry heels scratch  your sheets you might as well run your fingers down the emotional chalkboard of your sole (see what I did there? Soul/ sole?).

Worse? When your partner’s dry cracked feet brush up against yours under those fancy sheets!

Summer is notorious for being tough on feet. Dry, cracked heels, unsightly calluses and unkempt toenails is no way to display your newest sandals. Fix those feet with some of our faves foot salves…

Get Fresh Poor Soles

stick is just pretty much the one thing you need in your purse, beach bag or playa fanny pack. This portable moisturizing stick for dry heels and toes. Loaded with the potent healing and softening properties of shea butter and avocado oil, it's also perfect for knees, heels, calluses and elbows. (ooooo dry elbows….insert: cringe).

We are pleased as punch to be bringing on board podiatrist founded Southern Hospitality and their line of  feet focused fun. The line is described as “Charming. Distinguished. & Natural”. Dr. Quinton Yeldell and his partner Krystle Ford offer a Mint Julep foot scrub so fresh you want to drink it.  In addition they offer foot files and pumice brushes to use between your regular pedicures. Finally their Heel Bomb - I mean just look here!

Dr. Quinten Yelldell and Krystle Ford of Southern Hospitality

Dr. Quinten Yelldell and Krystle Ford of Southern Hospitality

Foot Fetish? I mean the name though? It’s perfect!

Indigo Bath and Body Company and their signature Foot Fetish is a lavish Shea Butter Soap with the mintiest of Essential Oils, and a Loofah Sponge embedded inside to exfoliate. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand to work on

OrTickle your tootsies and soothe rough heels with Foot Fetish Therapy Balm. A luscious blend of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and unrefined Georgia Beeswax combined with a refreshing blend of Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus essential oils. Perfectly portable spa therapy for your feet.

Of course our numero-uno recommendation to get those feet of to a fabulous summer start is to book yourself a great pedicure. We recommend our 7 step hydrating Fresh SOAK. utilizing all organic Get Fresh products. Happy SOAKing everyone and we wish you sweet dreams with your soft beautiful feet in your super cozy sheets.

Shannon Dunlap