Workin' It: A Guide to Nails in the Workplace

At SOAK we get lots of questions about what nails are appropriate to wear for various occasions. The one question we get a lot is what to wear for work. Many clients work in industries (medical for example) where nail polish is not allowed, but these clients still want to have beautiful nails. Other clients simply want to know what is and is not appropriate in the workplace. Let’s break this down…

Find out what the actual rules are at your job: Most professions that don’t allow nail polish on site are concerned about chipping nail polish. This makes perfect sense in the medical and dental field. However, the nail industry has made vast progress in nail polish technology (sounds so fancy;-). The new gel polishes paint on like polish, but are cured under a light and dry as hard as stone. Shellac by CND is one that is chip resistant for roughly two weeks. You might consider asking your boss about approving gel polish as opposed to outlawing nail polish all together.

Keep it classy:

Unless you work in an industry where piercings, tattoos and letting your creative flag fly are encouraged, you probably want to keep your nail polish subtle. There are so many ways to do this and still have fun with nail art. Step one is to tell your nail artist/technician that you want something understated but classy. Nudes are always great. Ask for a variation of a French Manicure (Fishnet, Ombre or the super-hot American Manicure). You could also add some subtle glitter to a nude polish. Pinterest is a great place to get inspired for your work nails. Bring a picture with you to your salon.

Go naked:

If all else fails, just because you can’t have polish on your nails doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fabulous natural nails. Go get that manicure! And ask for a high shine buff. Natural nails are beautiful when they are clean, cuticles are healthy and shaped just how you like them. Most salons will sell scented cuticle oil or a cuticle butter stick you can routinely apply when you feel that urge to pick (full disclosure, this is my bad habit) or gnaw.

Bottom line, there are so many ways to keep your nails looking great for work. Pick what fits you and your job. I can assure you, chipped nail polish screams lack of attention to detail. This is the last image you want to project in the workplace. Take care of beautiful you. SOAK love today and every day!

Shannon DunlapComment