We Got It From Our Mamas

Happy Mother's Day month from all of us a SOAK. The idea of opening SOAK, a nail spa & cocktail lounge, was born about the same time as my twins (who are now 15...sigh). My husband and I were living in San Francisco. We were happy but tired. Our life was a combination of six-month-old babies, an MBA from the University of Chicago working in high-tech (him), and an elementary school teacher, (me).  Amidst all of this, the idea of combining his mixology skills with my love for pedicures resulted in our rolling the dice on a business concept never seen before. Two years a SOAK was born.

Fast forward years later, people ask me about being a mom and owning my own business. I could, to the pure boredom of the room, go on about my awesomeness...how I'm basically a superhero, mom, wife, entrepreneur, gourmet cook, supermodel, vegan, neuroscientist, influencer... But I'm not. I am nothing without the real heroes in my life. The hard-working moms of SOAK.

Truth. I would be nowhere without the talented women who work at SOAK. This mother's day, I would like to shine the light on those who provide me with the time to be a mother. The SOAK staff.  A talented team of hardworking women many of whom are mothers themselves; all of whom mother one another. I witness with regularity kindness, compassion, and understanding for one another. A mothering spirit exists within our team for all. We want the best for one another. There is a special bond in our SOAK family and I am proud to be a mother to this company and be "mothered" by those who work so hard within company. 

I invite you to take a peek at just a few of these fabulous hard working SOAK women. Cheers to mothers and mothering in all its beautiful forms.

Shannon Dunlap