Spring Trends

Feeling like giving winter the bird? Let’s focus on that middle finger shall we? Better yet, let’s focus on the best manicures for Spring 2019. The sun is on the way. Promise. The snow will melt, the birds will sing and your nails will be so on trend….


Trend # 1 Moss is Boss.
Those nails looking chipped after shoveling all this snow? Not cute. It’s ok. Be the boss with moss. This mossy spring green is all the rage in New York Fashion Week. Think Irish spring gardens and maidens with flowers in their hair. That is cute.


Trend #2 Nudie Patootie.
Ready to tiptoe naked through the tulips? London Fashion week suggests you do just that; go naked with your nails. Beige beige and more beige topped the runway. Neutral, natural, matte nude with just hint of sparkle... who knew beige comes in like 1000 shades? This trend is clean, basic and chic. Note on nudes...when your nails grow out you can’t really tell = Bonus.


Trend #3 Line Em Up
Remember “X marks the spot….?” Paris Fashion Week started Feb 25th with lines all over the place. Simple lines as nail art. Everywhere. Combine this design with a pop of any color and BAM you have yourself a manicure that is also a statement piece.


Notable mentions also go to the color coral which is popping up everywhere as well as pearls as accent pieces on nails. It’s coming. Spring! Ditch the gloves, moisturize those hands and let’s celebrate Spring with sunshine, smiles and some seriously sassy nails.

Shannon Dunlap