NEW Fall/Winter Cocktails & Nail Designs

The seasons are changing and so are our cocktails and nail designs! Well, I mean what did you expect? We’re never boring here at SOAK and always looking for ways to freshen up (have you seen our new paint job at the 2nd location btw?).

Well, enough of that! We don’t want to bore you.. Moving on to what you’re here for - COCKTAILS & NAILS!

The Bloody Mary

Let’s kick it off with the obvious pick-me-up :)…. We’re bringing all the FIRE with this combo! Have you been searching to find the best bloody bar in town? Search no further! We have the BEST Bloody Mary AND the BEST nail design to go with it ;)

Photo Oct 02, 1 41 22 PM.jpg

Pep Rally

And we’re not talking about the annoying cheerleader“pep”…. We’re talking about the everyday working her a$$ off woman that needs that extra “pep” in her step!! Boost your energy and warm your soul with a hot cup of PEP Rally! There’s a sort of magic that happens when you mix a little coffee, cognac, cinnamon… and a few other special ingredients we like to keep to ourselves..

Photo Oct 02, 12 59 33 PM.jpg

French 775

Pinky up, b*tches! JK :)… . I mean, if you want to put your pinky out, INSTAGRAM IT! Or, drink it however you want! Champagne is the name of this cocktail game (and some others because we like to keep our special ingredients to ourselves) and glitter is the name of our nail game!

Photo Oct 02, 1 46 06 PM.jpg


Oh, did I say “Pinky Up” on the last cocktail/nail design? Nah! Whip that little finger out with this fancy martini! That yellow dot really levels up your nail game paired with a Manhattan, of course. But really, with this nail designs you’ll be flashing your pinky with any beverage you drink!

Pink Drink

If you haven’t heard of this drink then we’re not friends! Just kidding, just kidding!!! Swear. If you’ve never tasted our signature cocktail though you’re definitely missing out! The minute you taste it you’ll be singing “My PINK DRINK brings all the boys to the yard!”

Photo Oct 02, 2 03 14 PM.jpg

Bring on fall!! We’re ready for you here at SOAK! Cocktails and all.

Shannon Dunlap