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"I have been going to SOAK for manicures and pedicures for more than five years now. Not only do I love the ladies that work there, the manicurists and receptionists are fabulous, but most important to me is the fact that they dispose of files and pumice stones after each service and they autoclave their instruments. An autoclave is a sterilization tool that physicians and hospitals use to sterilize equipment. I commonly see patients who come in after having their nails done at other salons and they have toenail fungus or other infections because those places don’t sterilize their equipment. As a dermatologist and a patron of SOAK Lounge, I recommend their services to all of my dermatology patients. I do this not only because they sterilize their equipment making it the safest in Reno, but also because their staff is friendly, professional, and proficient."

— Jennifer J. Janiga, M.D. FAAD